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Aurora Derall
16 January 1980
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Dude, I totally keep neglecting to say something in this space. ^^;

Anyway, I'm a rather average Puerto Rican gal who loves hanging around the Internet a bit more than she probably should. I'm a pretty huge console RPG and anime/manga geek, but my interests can tell you plenty more about that.

I will add more details about myself whenever I come up with anything of worth to note. ^^;
ace attorney series, amelia, amelia's "orbs of justice", androgyny, anime, anime redheads, arc the lad, arngrim x lawfer, bad fanfiction, banana fish, bart fatima, big beefy ukes, bisexuality, bishoujo, bishounen, björk, black heaven, boricua, car x akio, castlevania, chrono trigger, comedy, crossdressers, doujinshi, doujinshi collecting, drunken samurai, earthbound, elc, electronica, emilie autumn, engrish, erotica, evil pink bunnies, faghaggery, fake journals, fanart, fanfiction, fantabulousness, femslash, fictional journals, final fantasy, gaav, gaav x valgaav, game music remixes, garv, get backers, get george laid, gfs, golden sun, good fanfiction, great teacher onizuka, greg fox syndrome, gto, hellsing, hentai, homoerotica, homosexuality, innuendo, intentionally bad fanart, intentionally bad fanfic, j.a. seazer, jack van burace, kachou oji, kingdom hearts, lady gaga, legend of black heaven, lei molesting gaav, lobster magnet, lost universe, lunar, making people laugh, manga, manly bottoms, manly men, manly men in dresses, maryuuou-sama, michiko naruke, miki higashino, mst3k, ninja gunmen, not giving shinkuu panties, not sharing this interest, not taking myself seriously, not taking things seriously, obsessing over fictional characters, one piece, overclocked remix, parody, passionate male friendship, pet shop boys, petshop of horrors, playstation, portal of evil, pr0n, puerto rico, rambling, riku x sora, rpgs, sarcasm, sexuality in general, shoujo kakumei utena, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, shu, slacking off, slash, slayers, sleep, smut, sorcerer hunters, spanglish, suikoden, super nintendo, the gaavbutt, thwackies, tosh, tosh x shu, train wreck syndrome, true meaning of life, tws, valgaav, valgaav's spankable ass, valkyrie profile, video game soundtracks, video games, videogame music, viki, viktor, viktor x flik, vnv nation, wild arms, xelloss, xelloss x zelgadis, yaoi, yasunori mitsuda, yoko shimomura, yuki kajiura, yuri, zelgadis, zelgadis x amelia

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