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Pretty much a direct copy of my JournalFen post, but anyway. (Apologies to those who read that site and already saw this.)

I don't know if any of the Shin Megami Tensei fans on my Friends List were already aware of this, but I didn't see any entries pointing this out, so I figured I'd post about it, in case any missed it and might be interested.

Anyway, getting to the point: Aeria Games opened up signups for the SMT: Imagine Online closed beta sometime last week, with the projected start of the beta being around the start of December (at least, I think that's the date I read on the forums).

Signup is easy - you just need to either have/make an Aeria Games account, then go to the Megaten site and answer three questions (if you've played SMT games, if you're new to Aeria, and if you're going to invite friends - nothing spectacular) to sign up.

Before you do that, though, you might want to check the system requirements, of course. (Note: According to the forums, there apparently is at least one mistake in Aeria's translation of the sysreqs. You might want to check the post I linked to, as it has more info, including a link to the Japanese Imagine's site with the original list of requirements - most names of the required hardware are in English, but you still need to know a little Japanese to be fully able to read the thing, of course.)

Anyway, that's the gist of it. If anyone's trying to get in, good luck! :)


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