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Happy Birthday, arex!

May your birthday have plenty of fire! XD (And bitches.)


So, a day or two back, I decided to take ruaki's rec from a few months back and decided to check out the Gintama anime series.

I've only watched 6 eps thus far, and... it's fairly amusing and adorable. For those not familiar with the series, the Wiki link there provides a few basic details on it without being all that spoilertastic (unless you consider the details on the characters that you get to learn during the first 6 or so eps as "spoilers," really), but if you want to know the gist of things, basically it's the story of a weirdo samurai and his companions living in the time between the late Edo Period (specifially, at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate)/beginning of the Meiji Era, except that, instead of the Americans/Europeans invading Japan, it was a bunch of highly advanced aliens (of various assorted races/species) known collectively as the "Amanto." Which is basically an excuse to combine late-1800's Japan aesthetics with contemporary (ex: Gintoki rides a scooter) and future-tech (ex: police cars that both run normally on land and can be switched to flying-mode), haha.

Anyway, I know I just made it sound a little dry and uninteresting with that explanation, but really, it IS pretty cute thus far. It even parodies itself, as in some eps, they show glimpses of different AUs with the cast - for example, the 3-Nen Z-Gumi GinPachi-sensei high school AU (Doesn't every non-school series wind up getting one of those? Haha for the author pre-empting the fans! And even more amusing, it actually wound up becoming a novel series of its own! XD), and the Kintama (Which literally means "golden balls," and in slang terms means "testicles") AU, in which Gintoki (known as "Kintoki" in this AU, natch) apparently is a blond (rather than his trademark albino-silver hair) man-whore or something. (Dunno much about this AU yet, as it has only appeared thus far as a quick "promo" of the next episode, rather than the Ginpachi-sensei AU, which got something like 2-3 minutes of airtime at the end of one of the eps.)

Anyhow, enough babble - on to a few random thoughts on the first couple of episodes! (Even though I think the only one who might be interested in these is Roo, eheh... ^^;)

Cut out of courtesy, not for any real fear of spoilers - it's only the first few eps, after allCollapse )

And... that's it for now. I only got to see the first 6 eps the other night, after all, so I don't have much thoughts yet on whether I'm really gonna like this series or not! (Thus far it's cute, but I'm not quite sold just yet!) Anyway, I'll post more on the series whenever I get to see further eps. :D


Happy Birthday, arcian! :D

Try not to overdo the celebratory drinking! ;)


So, two Saturdays ago, I went and finally finished watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which I was introduced to thanks to shinkuu (Thanks again for the subs, dude!).

I have to say, while I'm not fangirling it as much as other folks seem to be (maybe because it's over right when you're really starting to get into things), it was indeed pretty good! Brief thoughts:

Cut for vaguely spoily talk, though not much.Collapse )

And... that's pretty much all I can remember to mention off the top of my head. (Uh, I know it wasn't much, but it's been over a week since I finished watching the show, so it's not as fresh as it could've been, and I probably forgot something along the way. ^^;)

Anyway, because he was so kind to introduce me to the series in the first place, and because of the simple fact that I thought it was pretty damn good for his first try at making such a thing and thus I think more people should check it out, I'm gonna pimp shinkuu's Haruhi music video: Kyon Doesn't Look A Thing Like Jesus (@ AMV.org) YouTube version (lower quality)

Enjoy! :D

On friendship plots/subplots in games.

A comment a few days ago from a conversation with ruaki (regarding Yuri and Flynn's friendship in Tales of Vesperia) leads to me totally having a nostalgia-attack and thus fangirling over Tosh and Shu's friendship in the original Arc the Lad trilogy. (Warning: Spoilers for Vesperia in the original entry [mainly, the comic linked] and in the comment linked above, and spoilers for a subplot in AtL 3 in my comment... though that game is several years old already, so it might not matter to anyone.)

Seriously, I think my summary of the AtL 3 subplot in question is one of the times I've best been able to explain (by example) why I like those two so much, both as best friends AND as a smokin' hot! pairing, so I felt like sharing. (I know it's incredibly hard to find now, but I DEMAND THAT MORE PEOPLE PLAY THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY, GODDAMMIT! WE NEED MORE FANS!!! ESPECIALLY OF TOSH x SHU!!! >O)

Anyway... so, since I figure it might be an interesting subject to some of you reading this: Does anyone else here have their own "Friend vs. Friend story where the friendship mattered, but without the theme taking over the entire plot"-type of duos (Or trios? Or maybe polygons? Haha... XD) to share? Doesn't necessarily have to be games, if you don't want it to be or can't think of one in that particular category... :)


Started working on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney -Trials and Tribulations- about two days back. I've only gotten through the first chapter so far, but I wanted to jot down my thoughts:

Cut for mild spoilers... though really, it's the first case and this game's been out for a good while, so... :PCollapse )

And... that's about it, for now. Hopefully I'll start work on the next chapter soon! :D


And while I'm still logged on...

Happy birthday, jurhael! :D




So, sometime last afternoon, I finally went and beat Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney -Justice for All-. That's two down, with two more to go before I'm caught up with the rest of the freakin' world regarding this damn series! Because I'm certainly not caught up with the rest of the world regarding gaming, or anime/manga, or anything ELSE, for that matter... *looks at backlog meaningfully*

Anyway, to sum up the thoughts on the Ace Attorney series thus far: Aww, so cute! And hilarious! And... wow, it really, really got pretty damn gay after the fourth case of the first game! I was thinking people had overblown the thing at first, but... wow. :O

So, a few character (not everyone, just a few key players) thoughts:

Cut for possible discussion of spoilers for the first two games.Collapse )

And now, some plot thoughts (for both games) as well:

DEFINITE spoilers on this cut.Collapse )

So, that's about it. As for pairings, thus far I'm liking:

Mild spoiler for the first game, and maybe a bit about the second?Collapse )

Anyway, that's it for my opinions on the first two games! Now I can't decide if I should start the third one right away, or if I should take a breather and do other stuff. Thoughts?

Also: redconverse, you totally need to start pointing out to me which are the items you wrote in the PW kinkmeme! (At the very least, the ones that don't spoil the other two games.) I wanna see! :D


Hey, redconverse, I was looking around to see what kind of Persona (mostly for the upcoming P4, as most of the P3 stuff seems to be long gone) swag there is out there aside from soundtracks, and I found this adorable little fellow up for preorders, and immediately thought of yoooooooooouuuuu... (As well as like, maybe half the Flist, eheh... but I totally thought of you first! ^^;;)

It says it's planned for release on November, so you might want to hunt through your local comic/import shops or cons around that time to see if you can nab one! :D


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