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Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope your festivities of choice have been awesome for you all! :D

As for me, it's been a fairly low-key Christmas - it's been raining on and off pretty hard around here, so I mostly just limited myself to spending time with my folks (Got $125 from them - cool. :D), calling my offline friends today to wish them well, getting that aforementioned awesome card from redconverse a few days back (Seriously Red, again, thank you! *HUG*), playing some games (yesterday, I was doing some more Daidara materials-farming in P4), and listening to new game music (last night and right now) courtesy of shinkuu.

Speaking of which... OMG, Shinny, your present was awesome! I know you said you "weren't going all-out" this year, but dude, you totally did! :O *hopes you liked what I sent ya!*

I listened to the Mario soundtrack last night, and while it only covers 8-bit era Mario (So no Mario World or Mario 64, but I can understand that - trying to cover more material than what they did would've required either a second disc, or to attempt to cram the tracks in with no looping, which would've sucked.), it's as classic and nostalgic as 8-bit era gaming gets! :D (Especially loved the Mario Bros. 3 segment, as well as Mario Bros. 2 (USA). And it even has Dr. Mario! And even though I never played the game, it also had Yoshi's Cookie - that was pretty cool. :D)

And right now, I'm finishing listening to the Wild Arms Complete Tracks album, and... oh man, I am SO HAPPY we finally got a complete soundtrack to the original version of the first WA game - you wouldn't believe how I started bouncing around in my chair when Zed's theme music started playing, and now the track actually loops! Sweetass! :D

Seriously, thanks a lot, dude! *hug*

...and now, to figure out what I'm gonna do with the money I got from my parents - probably save it along with whatever I get for Día de Reyes, which is on Jan 6, as well as whatever I get for my birthday, which is just 10 days after that, and then... I dunno, maybe invest in a new gaming system? Haven't decided which one I want most yet, though. Hmm. :|

Again, Happy Holidays to you all! ♥



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Dec. 26th, 2008 03:42 am (UTC)
Yay, I'm so glad you like the soundtracks! They sound really awesome!

Unfortunately I didn't get too much time to game today since I was busy helping folks, but I got to try out Ecclesia for a bit and I'm really liking it so far! Thanks again!
Dec. 26th, 2008 04:15 am (UTC)
They are indeed awesome! I'm about to finish my second listening of both, actually. :D (And I have to agree with one reviewer on Amazon about the Mario soundtrack - if you know anything about editing, some of the tracks would make VERY AWESOME ringtones! :D I don't, but it's still a neat idea - maybe I should burn you a copy so you can try it for your own phone? Assuming you know how to make ringtones, that is, heh... anyway, even if you don't, might you be interested in getting a burn of the soundtrack? I know you loves ya some Mario, so... XD)

Ah, I'm glad you like Ecclesia! I've only played a teeny bit of the game, but it looked really promising to me, which is why I got it for ya! :)
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